Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My, but that was a long break, and goodness has this been a long...long year.

Well, it's not quite a year since I started this blog, but things certainly did go very, very screwy once I did.

Within the last year, since July of 2009 I've had three different job titles with three different job descriptions with three different offices. I began to feel like Milton.

The ups and downs have been tremendous, but in the last year I have also started to increase my notoriety for public speaking, radio work, writing, administering, and on and on. It has been a year of incredible growth, and not always the kind of growth that I had was always what the Master desired.

At any rate, now that I am a year older and a tad bit wiser, I do hope to be able to blog with some regularity, and cover the topics that I used to for that short period of time. These topics do center around the Social Doctrine of the Church, and I am more than sure that I will be "thinking out" several issues on the Social Doctrine on these pages. There is so much confusion out there and so little easily accessible guidance.

Do stay tuned and I will try to give my take on Caritas in veritate, the other works which I have read in the last year, Austrian Economics as that is laid out by Thomas Woods, Jr., and my take on a program for understanding the basics of the Social Doctrine. Peace.

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