Friday, May 29, 2009

CUA "Discussion"

Alright so I just finished watching the "discussion" between Robbie George and Doug Kmiec on life issues and the Obama administration. The verdict? While it wasn't a debate, strictly speaking...I mean, you know, they were just "discussing" things... but George wiped the floor with Kmiec.

I know, I know. I always hate it when people say such things. Victory is in the eye of the spin doctor. But here the issues were clear cut. As Mary Ann Glendon said at the end, it was wonderful that we finally had clarity about the disagreement between the Kmiec-pro-Life Obama supporters and the pro-Life anti-Obama folks. We now know where Kmiec stands...and he teeters on the edge of orthodoxy.

His interlocutors, be they Hadley Arkes or Robert George, have been exceedingly generous in always assuming the good will and right intention of Kmiec. To my eyes, Kmiec has displayed himself yet again as being a man who is struggling mightily to live between two worlds...and even his physical demeanor (severely slouching during the question period) demonstrates that he is being torn apart.

Now I feel sorry for the man.

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